Sunday, 15 December 2013

Yankee 'Simply Home' Christmas Candles!

Candles are my weakness, or at least one of my many many weaknesses, so this year i decided to go all out FESTIVE and get some christmassy smelling ones.

I decided to go for Yankee Candles because 1) I adore how they smell, 2) They last a while and 3) I think that they are pretty darn affordable! I found these ones in my local Asda store, which i was totally stunned and pleased by as i have never seen Yankee Candles so close to home before. I went for 'Christmas Treats' and 'Apple Spice Potpourri', two completely different scents but both lurvly. 

I would have to say that my favourite scent of the two would be Christmas Treats, as it just smells so yummy like biscuits in the oven!

I had to put this picture in, look at Gimli being all sneaky in the background.

They have lasted me a long time so far, and i have been burning the a lot (as you can probably tell). If you are indeed looking for some festive candles this season, i would definitely recommend these ones!

Lots of love,

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