Friday, 27 June 2014

Boxed Satisfaction (Mini-Haul?)

This photo, or photographs similar to this make me feel super happy and satisfied. 

Beauty products and cosmetics still in their boxes are just so nice to me! I love how clean and neat they look inside of their box, and I have been known in the past to keep my products in the box for a while (I got the Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm for Christmas and it's still in the box. Oops?). I also love seeing how different brands package their products, I find it so interesting to see what they use to draw us in and buy it by first looks, though it is sometimes about what's inside the pretty, pristine box. A bit of a change from a beauty blog, but something I need to confess to you.Yes, this post is ode to the cardboard packaging our favourite products come in. So yes, I sometimes do judge a book by its cover.

Do you have any favourite product packaging? Or are you more of an 'it's whats on the inside that counts' kind of person?

Lots of love,

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

My 5 Summer Nail Picks!

Hello!  I am here today to share with you 5 of my favourite nail polishes which get repeatedly painted on my nails through out the summer months. All of them are pretty colourful, and if you can't go colourful in the summer then when can you. Right, lets get in to more detail.

First up is the Rimmel 60 Seconds polish in Lose Your Lingerie which is in the Rita Ora collection. This one is a light baby pastel pink colour with a soft silver shimmer running through it. It is a really lovely colour and looks great with a tan, you need a good three coats to make sure it's not streaky and a nice opaque colour, but other than that I can't fault it. It has good lasting power when used with a base and top coat too - which is something I never skip. I don't want to stain my nails!

Next is the Barry M Gelly Hi Shine polish in Huckleberry. This is a lovely pale greyish blue that is opaque in two coats with a pretty decent lasting power. The great thing about this nail polish is that is peels off clean because of its gel-like formula, even though you probably shouldn't do that 'cause i'm pretty sure it isn't good for your nails!

One of my favourites of the five is Sunday Funday by Essie. I LOVE this shade and it's absolutely perfect for toes. I just find the shade of bright coral pink so flattering against my skin tone and I love the silver shimmer that it has too (a little glitter never hurt anybody right?). The lasting power is, as all Essie polishes on me, really great and the wide brush makes them super easy and idiot-proof to apply. 

Next up is one that I didn't think I would like as much as I do! It's the Rimmel Salon Pro polish in Soul Session, which is a part of the Kate Moss collection. It's this beautiful dusky pinky rose hued nude and I just love it. It hasn't been off my toes since I bought it. This one only takes a couple of coats in comparison to the other Rimmel nail polish I mentioned, but it is really lovely. I was umming and arring in the aisles of boots whether to take this shade or not, and I am super glad I did. 

And last but definitely not least is the Maybelline Super Stay Gel nail polish in the colour Forevermore Green. This. FORMULA! It is pretty much opaque from one coat and it lasts so long! It says 7 days on the bottle and it means it! And the colour is lovely too, I wanted a bright teal turquoise colour and this one fits the bill perfectly, it's slightly greener than your average turquoise but I really like it. 

So, that's it, my 5 summer polish picks! Let me know what you think of them, and what your favourite summery nail colours are!

Lots of love,

Friday, 20 June 2014

A Weekend in Brighton

Last weekend, me and my mother made a trip to Brighton. 

(it was too sunny for a selfie!)

The weather was lovely and I really enjoyed it there, everybody seemed so relaxed. We had a wander down the pier and had ice cream on the first day and on the second we took to the lanes. The lanes are fantastic! You have your normal high street shops at one end, and then the other end is full of independent retailers selling the strangest things. 

And the food was incredible. The first day we went to a little restaurant in North Laine and I had scrum my fish and chips. The second day we went to Bills for breakfast and I had my first ever Eggs Benedict and now I am officially addicted. I had a peach ice tea also which was incredible (there was actual peaches in it!), they seriously need to build a Bills Restaurant in Chester! For dinner, we went to Jamie's Italian and had very yummy pasta and cocktails.

It was really lovely to be able to just spend a weekend with my mum, relaxing and doing fun stuff, because even though I still live at home it can get pretty stressful. Though there were a couple of times I thought I was going to get attacked by a kamikaze seagull!

Thanks for having us, Brighton!

Lots of love, 

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

My First Sandal Love

I have never really been a sandal type of girl.

I have never found a pair which I find comfortable or that I think look decent - finding something to make my feet look not disgusting is a tough task - so I have always stuck to something like converse trainers or toms in the summer. But whilst doing my summer clothes shop this year, I spotted these babies. 

It was love at first sight, they were gorgeous, they were a great price (£28!) and it was just meant to be, until the store didn't have my size. "Okay", I thought," I can just go to another one down the road and get them there." They didn't have my size either. "Right, I'm going to Brighton this weekend, (blog post coming soon!) they'll be in there and if not I can get them in London on my way home." Zilcho, nada, nope, I couldn't find them in my size ANYWHERE, they were sold out online and I was running out of hope, I was even searching e-bay, until I found them in my city in Debenhams. I actually physically jumped for joy when I found them, tried them on just to double check (perfection!) and home they came! Now 
they aren't getting off my feet all summer. 

Now, about the sandals. They're from Warehouse which is a store I don't think I own anything else from so it was an odd find for me but a great one. They have a small wedge heel, which doesn't go in at the bottom, so they're super comfortable. The leopard print strap is the perfect width for my stupidly narrow feet and the ankle strap is the perfect amount of chunky to make them feel substantial without looking a bit misplaced. Also, the sole of them is made out of a rubbery material so they don't clonk about when you walk which is an added bonus. I hate wearing clonky shoes. 

So, can you tell I am in love? You can find them here!

Lots of love,