Friday, 20 December 2013

20th Birthday FOTD + OOTD


Today was my 20th birthday, so i thought i would share with you my make up and outfit (kind of) that i decided to wear on this special day.

These are the products i decided to use today for a pretty minimal look. Neutral eyes, a pretty pink lip & a pop of peach on the cheeks.

The make up in action.

This cardigan is from Primark and it only cost me about £14! One of the best buys i have made all year. It is so soft and cozy, and all of the rose gold sequins have been sewn on individually. I also really like the zip detail and bomber look, i think it looks very modern and i absolutely love it! 

These boots are from Marks & Spencers, and oh my god, they are the most comfortable heeled shoes i have ever worn. I have been in them all day and i think i could go on in them. I also love the colour as it's not black but a dark grey. Slightly different for the winter days.

We went to a pub near to me and it was sooooo christmassy in there! I loved it and it made me feel very festive and jolly. I mean, look at the christmas tree! Bad quality picture, but i had to zoom as i was sat quite far away!

Super cute decs!

My older brother being a bit of a creep with his steak.

Anyway guys, sorry for the super long post but i have had a fabulous day and wanted to share it with you, i hope you don't mind!

Lot's of love,

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