Monday, 1 August 2016

hold up....

Depression is a weird illness, for many reasons. But today I wanna touch upon one...

It is invisible. You don't see it (or if you do it's rare)

This mean that most people don't know you are ill, when inside you're buckling from the weight of it all.

No, no, before you ask, I'm feeling good today! 

Good enough to take four selfies! A whole FOUR! That I like!

Scrolling through my Instagram feed I have noticed a drastic change.

It's probably just me that's noticed it but I'm having mixed feelings. 

There has been a big increase in the amount of selfies I am posting. 

I have always felt ashamed to post pictures of myself, I'm not really sure why. Could it be poor self-esteem? That I don't wanna seem braggy about myself? I don't know.

But today I am putting my foot down. Everyone needs to indulge in selfies.

If you feel good about yourself, snap that shit & post it everywhere! I wanna see it. I wanna see your smiling happy face, your pouty duck face, your smize, your 'groupie' as the kids call it, a shot with your animal friends! 

I want to see you feeling positive about your being and your life. 

Some people complain about selfies. I say screw 'em. If you don't like it, just scroll on by, no harm done. 

When I look at my social media when I was having a really tough time, it kind of breaks my heart. The few selfies I posted my eyes look dead and sad. I look like I don't wanna be on the planet, because well, I didn't. Mostly, it's pictures of my little feline protector who made those months bearable. 

So basically, what i'm saying is i'm gonna post selfies a lot & if you want to, you should too.

Do not have selfie shame. 

And if my selfies bother you, then you can SUCK IT 
(or just scroll past and ignore?)

Much loves,



p.s here, have some examples!

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