Tuesday, 7 January 2014

My Top 5 of 2013!

I know this is very late and i'm sorry! But I figured this post was better late than never, as I want to write it so i can look back on it next year, as well as sharing it with you. This is going to be a post dedicated to my top 5 favourite beauty products of the entire year of 2013! And i'm telling you, they are gooduns.

Let's start with the least fun but very useful L'Oréal Paris Skin Perfection 3 in 1 Purifying Micellar Solution. What a name! Basically, this stuff is incredible. It is a cleansing micellar water which is perfect for taking off make up. I use it if I have any heavy make up on, especially around my eye area, as it takes it off in a couple of sweeps and feels just like water. No stinging, no irritation, just clean skin. I also use it in the morning, just to get rid of any excess oil or grime that's built up on my face overnight. This has been a fantastic find for me, as I have used it almost every day for about 8 months, and this is only my second bottle!

Next up is my favourite face base of the year, the Bourjois Radiance Reveal Healthy Mix Foundation. I don't really think I need to say much about this, it's just fab. It gives a medium coverage but it is buildable, it gives a slight glow but definitely doesn't look oily, and it smells AMAZING! I have tried the serum version of this, I would say that one gives a lighter coverage and I prefer the feel and look of the normal healthy mix formula.This foundation has been a revelation for me this year and I don't think I will ever be able to be without it again!

Something which kind of coincides with the foundation, is my favourite brush to apply it with. This is the Real Techniques Buffing Brush. Again, need I say more? But I will anyway. This brush blends foundation seamlessly, and makes it look natural but perfect at the same time. I seriously wish they sold this brush separately as I would probably own two or three of them by now!

For eyeshadow this year I have been loving my MUA Undressed Palette. This thing is the biggest bargain ever! You get 12 shadows, a couple of mattes and some beautiful shimmery shades, all very pigmented and a great texture for £4. £4! I would recommend this to anybody who is on a budget who wants some fabulously long lasting and very pretty eyeshadows. You can use these to create a very natural everyday look, or use the darker shades to get a fab smoky eye (i've even used it on my eyebrows when in desperate times too!). I seriously love this thing, and I have heard it is a good dupe for the Urban Decay Naked palette too. For that price, you seriously can't go wrong. 

And last of all (but definitely not least) is the Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters. These are fabulous for someone who loves to wear bright lipstick but is maybe a bit frightened to do so everyday. They apply at first quite sheer but you can build them up to an intense glossy lip. These are so hydrating and easy to apply, and in 2014 I am probably going to end up buying a lot more of these. The colours I have here are Macaroon, Candy Apple, Sweet Tart and Creme Brûlée. I would say of the four my favourite is Candy Apple. I used to have Tutti Frutti and that was my ultimate love but I lost it! It's so sad, so that will definitely be repurchased in the spring, and I also have my eye on Juicy Papaya. 

So those are my top 5 favourites of 2013! Do you have any favourites this year? I would love to hear any recommendations!

My next post is going to be slightly (very) different, so watch out any book lovers!

Lots of love,

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