Monday, 18 February 2013

25 Facts about ME!

So, this is going to be another, slightly more intense get to know me post!

Right then, let's get started.

1) I love tattoos! I have got one already & I intend on getting more :)

2) I am a Girl Guide! Well, i am now training to be a Guide Leader but i have been a part of Girl Guiding since I was 11 and I love it.

3) I will eat almost anything, as long as it's not alive when i eat it, or a baby (like veal, NO WAY!)

4) I find it difficult to go a day without having a cup of tea.

5) I try and keep mints or chewing gum on me at all times. I'm pretty OCD about it because i hate
when people have bad breath, and i never want it.

6) I have a LOT of girl crushes, including Emma Stone, Anne Hathaway and Amanda Seyfried to name a few!

7) Emma Watson is my all time role model. Everything about her is perfect.

8) As you can probably guess by my previous fact, i LOVE Harry Potter a lot a lot! I have a bunch of merchandise varying from a t-shirt to a keyring to a Buckbeak cuddly toy! I've even visted the Warner Brothers Harry Potter Studio Tour in Watford. Best. Day. Ever!

9) My best claim to fame (for now!) is that i walked down the aisle in my local cathedral with the actor who plays Roy Cropper in the soap Coronation Street, and i got his autograph! "Oh you're names Hayley? That's a coincidence."

10) I love Cath Kidston. I have lots of things from her shop, including the notebook i use to write all of my notes in. I love her prints!

11) I will watch any crime drama tv programme that there is, they're my favourite genre of tv and i love them. Even Rosemary & Thyme.

12) Taylor Swift is my all time favourite musician. I even asked for a guitar on my birthday once just so i could be more like her, (don't tell my parents!)

13) My favourite disney princess is Ariel. Mainly because of her fantastic hair.

14) I've fractured my right wrist 3 times. Each cause is quite comical but i won't go into that now!

15) I have two ginger tom cats and a lady dog, Gimli (name chosen by me), Yoda (chosen by my little brother) and Tess! But you'll know this if you've seen my Instagram. Way too many animal pictures.

16) I am a big fantasy film and book fan. Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, His Dark Materials, Doctor Who, all of them, i love!

17) I have three brothers. Two older, one younger, and they all have thick hair whilst mine is super thin. I am very jealous to say the least.

18) I used to browse the ASO New In Fashion page almost every day, now it's the New In Beauty page. Full on convert!

19) In my time i have burnt at least 4 people accidentally, and one of them even had to go to the hospital. I don't know why my parents trust me with matches!

20) I have a ridiculous amount of shoes, 40+ pairs if i'm being exact (ish). I just can't resist them!

21) I don't like birds, except magpies. Magpies are pretty & always come in pairs, so they're never lonely. I've decided that my next tattoo will involve them, at least some way!

22) I can't go on a night out without painting my toe nails. A weird OCD thing!

23) I'm probably the most accident prone and clumsy person in the entire world. Honestly, i crash into things at least 10 times a day.

24) I currently work in a shoe shop called Skechers, and it is there where i have met some of the most hilarious people ever.

25) My main aim in life is to is to be able to afford a nice house, a car and to have a family including children, a cat and a dog! (Maybe even a horse if i'm lucky!)

Thankyou & goodnight!

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