Wednesday, 18 June 2014

My First Sandal Love

I have never really been a sandal type of girl.

I have never found a pair which I find comfortable or that I think look decent - finding something to make my feet look not disgusting is a tough task - so I have always stuck to something like converse trainers or toms in the summer. But whilst doing my summer clothes shop this year, I spotted these babies. 

It was love at first sight, they were gorgeous, they were a great price (£28!) and it was just meant to be, until the store didn't have my size. "Okay", I thought," I can just go to another one down the road and get them there." They didn't have my size either. "Right, I'm going to Brighton this weekend, (blog post coming soon!) they'll be in there and if not I can get them in London on my way home." Zilcho, nada, nope, I couldn't find them in my size ANYWHERE, they were sold out online and I was running out of hope, I was even searching e-bay, until I found them in my city in Debenhams. I actually physically jumped for joy when I found them, tried them on just to double check (perfection!) and home they came! Now 
they aren't getting off my feet all summer. 

Now, about the sandals. They're from Warehouse which is a store I don't think I own anything else from so it was an odd find for me but a great one. They have a small wedge heel, which doesn't go in at the bottom, so they're super comfortable. The leopard print strap is the perfect width for my stupidly narrow feet and the ankle strap is the perfect amount of chunky to make them feel substantial without looking a bit misplaced. Also, the sole of them is made out of a rubbery material so they don't clonk about when you walk which is an added bonus. I hate wearing clonky shoes. 

So, can you tell I am in love? You can find them here!

Lots of love,

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